Produce from the pit..
Amazing what can be done with smoke!


Some years down the road with my interest reawakened and I returned to the pit. This type of smoke fired work is made from the simplest of materials and techniques; mud to form the work, very fine clay slip as a coating and using fumes and smoke to colour the surface. A simple technique may be simple the results can be subtle, complex and sophisticated. This technique forced me to work with more robust forms than when throwing translucent ware, these were fired to a much lower temperature in an open flame, the resultant smoke from the firing with various salts and chemicals gave subtle colours that permeated the surface. The majority of this surface had no glaze only burnished terra sigillata, a satin canvas, perfect for showing the subtle depths and graduations left by the firing. My translucent work was all about control of the finished piece flame had added a large degree of chance to the mix.